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Sometimes we wonder if the conscience of Rawlings aka Papa J and the wife doesn’t prick them when they makes certain utterances with regards to the development of this nation, corruption, human rights abuses, they spent over 20 years in power yet had very little to show for as their achievements but very much to show for when it comes to corruption and human rights abuses.

Former President Rawlings should blame himself because he's part of Ghana's problem for volta region roads.
Former President Rawlings should blame himself because he’s part of Ghana’s problem for volta region roads.

Despite all the ills they perpetrated against this nation, they still have the moral rights to call out their predecessors at the least opportunity they get, right from the time John Agyekum Kuffuor took over the reigns of this country till now, they seem to have issues with everyone but themselves, they sometimes claim to be the epitome of piety when it’s obvious they were even worse than “Ataa Ayi”.

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Rawlings has lost every moral right to complain about anything in this country since he had more years to turn the fortunes of Ghana around but rather plunged the country into a total mess.

According to his son(JDM), he constructed/upgraded most of the road network In Ghana before exiting power, so if most our roads are in a sordid state then I’ll urge this government to look out for those contractors to worked on these roads & sue them for not doing a diligent job, because we can’t spend huge sums of monies on roads only for them to deteriorate after 36 months🤔.

Wicked Leaders!

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