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African Spirituality as a state of a soul, emotions, beliefs, mindset, and connection to the infinite. These factors makes up a spiritual anatomy called ‘light body’. Just like the physical body, light body can grow stronger or weaker based on actions.

For example, In ancient kemet, there were no “gods”. Ausar, Auset, and Heru, or Ra, represent powers, law, and principles in mother nature that have been ANTHROPOMORPHIZED.

Once understood in their proper substantiation of verifiable evidence, it be can accepted. There’s nothing superstitious Hocus pocus in African Spirituality that TheAcronym Maker will ever accept. Remember when MFUNDISHI was teaching a at the Institute of Afrikan Studies of the University of GHANA, with Dr. Obadele Kambon present, he elaborated on such a topic.

Never Subscribe to any African Spirituality that cannot be Be Substantiated With Verifiable Evidence
Never Subscribe to any African Spirituality that cannot be Be Substantiated With Verifiable Evidence

So he repeated by saying that though he subscribe to African Spirituality, he only accept parts that can be substantiated with verifiable evidence. His concept of reincarnation is based on the fact that we are the sum total of our Ancestral DNA. So they are us. And we are them. One way of looking at Reincarnation is the fact that when we die, our bodies decompose and turns into dirt and other elements in nature. The others plant seeds into the ground. The plants grow, humans consume them to survive, grow, and also eventually die, then turn into dirt again. And the cyclical cycle continues.

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TheAcronym Maker do not believe in the concept of dying and going to Asamando(Ancestral World), and then returning as yourself. Because that cannot be substantiated with verifiable evidence.

Sometimes we challenge and in some cases mock religious people about their beliefs regarding the afterlife, cause they have failed to substantiate that with verifiable evidence. So why are we so hesitant to question and admit it when we find out that our Ancestors May have believed in things that couldn’t be substantiated with verifiable evidence?

When we refuse to acknowledge and stand on only that which can be substantiated with verifiable evidence, We leave ourselves open to be criticized and dismissed the same way as we do to other religious people

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